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Dr Nicola Dilley, BA (Hons) BSc MChiro DC ICAK-UKHaving delivered quality chiropractic care in Hampshire since 2011 for the private and public Healthcare services, I am delighted to be returning to my home town where my family live and I grew up. Since gaining my Master of Chiropractic Degree, my passion and continual curiosity of the human body has allowed me to further my skills. I specialise in Applied Kinesiology, learning Acupuncture (Dry Needling), Craniosacral techniques and Orthomolecular Medicine (OM). Practising with a combination of Chiropractic and other complimentary skills has achieved a much deeper understanding to deal effectively with my patients concerns and symptoms. Thereby alleviating the core problem whether that be structural, chemical or nutritional allowing for optimum function of your body.

All the additional training courses I have attended can only be offered to a qualified healthcare professional and are used to compliment chiropractic care only.

My approach is two-fold: to achieve symptomatic relief and then to help maintain the highest level of health for each individual patient. Here at Back to You, we will take time to discuss and advise you, to guide you in the right direction, giving you options and advice for a happier, healthier, hopefully drug free, pain free way of life, but ultimately, you are in control, it’s up to you and the individual goals you wish to achieve. Hence our name: Back to You!

Our Philosophy

Our whole philosophy is a partnership between patient and clinician, we listen to our patients to understand each individual’s needs and a personalised plan of management is formulated. Here at Back to You we appreciate, what may work for one individual, may not work for another. Tailored treatment plans are based according to case history, examination, diagnosis and patient preferences. Again, you are in control, it is your body, your health and your future. We are also very aware that when patients feel better, some of our advice maybe forgotten….don’t worry we will always be here to give you a gentle reminder to stay on track.

Additionally, if Back to You feels they are unable to help with any particular complaint, they will strive to refer you to the right person.

Back to You wishes to empower our patients, we all know our bodies are complex. Therefore, one condition may have many causes, or one cause may have many conditions.

Going to a Chiropractor just for back pain, is like going to Starbucks for a plain black coffee!

Causes and Conditions